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Do you need to know how much your dental insurance will cover?

This dental insurance calculator will show you.

Update the values based on what you think your latest dental bills will be and what your insurance will cover, and the calculator will provide an estimate and graph representation of how much you may owe out of pocket.

Please be sure to check with your dental office for the latest numbers, as these are only estimates.

How much will my dental insurance cover?

How much do you currently owe?
How much will this new treatment cost?
What is the remainder of the annual maximum that you haven't used yet? Often this between $1000 and $2000, but could be more or less.
What is your plan deductibe?
What is your co-pay for this treatment? This is usually a fixed amount, and differs based on procedure type.

What you owe

Co-pay: $20.00

Deductible: $150.00

Remaining balance: $0.00

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